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Taliska ciidanka Booliiska ee maamulka Somaliland ayaa maanta waxay faah faahin dheeraad ka bixiyeen xarigga Labo Suxufi oo ku xiran magaalada Hargeysa ee xarunta maamulkaasi.

Afhayeenka ciidamada Booliiska Somaliland Faysal Xiis ayaa sheegay ugu horreyn in xarriga Agaasimaha Tv-ga Star Maxamed Baashi Xaaji Xasan uu la xiriiro kadib markii uu ku kacay kicin iyo qalqalin dadweyne kana horyimid mashruucii dekadda Berbera waa sida uu Afhayeenka yiri.

Waxa uu sheegay Afhayeenka in sidoo kale markii la qabanayey agaasimaha uu ku howlanaa qeybinta warqado uu sheegay in la doonayey in lagu kiciyo shacabka Somaliland, sidaasi darteedna ay cadaaladda horkeeni doonaan.

Dhanka kale Afhayeenka Booliiska Somaliland oo hadalkiisa sii wata ayaa ka hadlay xarigga Wariye Cabdi Maalik Yuusuf Coldoon, waxaana afhayeenka uu sheegay in aanu coldoon u aqoonsaneen Suxufi oo ay u aqoonsan yihiin qaran dumis.


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More than 100 children were kidnapped in deadly attack on Friday, but troops are closing in, says Ethiopian official

The death toll from a raid carried out by South Sudanese gunmen in western Ethiopia has risen to 208 and the assailants kidnapped 108 children, an Ethiopian official said on Sunday.

The attack took place on Friday in the Gambela region which, alongside a neighbouring province, hosts more than 284,000 South Sudanese refugees who fled conflict in their country.

By Sunday afternoon, the number had risen to 208 dead and 75 wounded from 140 a day earlier, government spokesman Getachew Reda said, adding the assailants had also abducted 108 children and taken 2,000 head of livestock.

“Ethiopian defence forces are taking measures. They are closing in on the attackers,” he said.

Getachew did not give further details, but officials in Gambela said on Saturday Ethiopian troops had crossed the border in pursuit of the attackers.

Cross-border cattle raids have occurred in the same area in the past, often involving Murle tribesmen from South Sudan’s Jonglei and Upper Nile regions – areas awash with weapons that share borders with Ethiopia. Previous attacks, however, were smaller in scale.

The gunmen are not believed to have links with South Sudanese government troops or rebel forces who fought the government in Juba in a civil war that ended with a peace deal signed in 2015.

South Sudanese officials were not immediately available for comment.

Under pressure from neighbouring states, the US, the United Nations and other powers, South Sudan’s feuding sides signed an initial peace deal in August and agreed to share out ministerial positions in January. 




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The international community must revitalize military, diplomatic and economic interventions to eradicate the menace of piracy off the coast of Somalia, experts told Xinhua in separate interviews Friday.

While agreeing that piracy in the expansive Somalia coastline has diminished remarkably thanks to military onslaught by foreign naval forces, the experts said new strategies were required to ensure the challenge does not recur.

Noel Choong, the head of Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) at the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), hailed joint military interventions that have led to a slump in piracy along the Somali coastline.

While noting that no single case of piracy has been reported in the Somalia coastline since 2015, Choong attributed this feat to enhanced patrols and economic empowerment for the horn of African state’s youth.

“It is true piracy has declined in Somalia coast mainly due to international ship’s adhering to the latest best management practices (BMP4) recommendations and private armed security guard onboard ship s,” Choong said.

However, experts still believe that a single successful hijacking of a merchant vessel will rekindle the Somali pirates’ passion to resume its piracy efforts.

The menace of piracy in the larger Gulf of Eden that reached a crescendo five years ago triggered an international military response.

Foreign nations in the West as well as China, India and a number of countries in the Far East dispatched their naval forces to help protect ships from pirates.

Choong noted that a combined military onslaught and a host of economic incentives targeting jobless Somalia youth have dealt piracy a fatal blow.

“The joint effort by the international community to fight pirates is a success as seen from results to date. We are aware that certain groups may be looking to create more jobs in Somalia so that youths can take legitimate jobs and not become pirates,” Choong told Xinhua.

China is among countries that were quick to deploy naval forces to fight piracy that was affecting a critical maritime trade route.

According to Choong, a strategic military intervention from Beijing boosted anti-piracy efforts in the Gulf of Eden.

“China’s efforts including other navies providing escorts are without question a very important part of reducing the number of attacks on ships,” said Choong.

He emphasized that political stability in Somalia alongside strengthening of the rule of law and economic empowerment of the youth are key to eradicate the menace of piracy.

The IMB official noted that the international community must support the Somali government to strengthen anti-piracy efforts in the Gulf of Eden.

“International navies are still needed to prevent the resurgence of piracy. One new incident may rekindle the piracy situation due to unstable situation in the area in terms of economic instability, poverty, political problems and insecurity,” Choong said.

He proposed the creation of a well equipped coast guard and navy to strengthen patrols in the Gulf of Eden.




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Maleeshiyada ayaa la sheegay inay wakhti kooban qabsadeen qeyb ka mid ah degmadaasi, inkastoo markii danbe dib loo riixay.

Wararka ka imanaya gobolka Shabeelada Hoose ayaa sheegaya in maleeshiyo ka tirsan ururka Alshabab ay saaka weerareen degmada Shalanbood ee gobolkaas.

Maleeshiyada ayaa la sheegay inay wakhti kooban qabsadeen qeyb ka mid ah degmadaasi, inkastoo markii danbe ciidamada dowladda oo kaashanaya AMISOM ay dib u riixeen.

Weerarka Shalanbood ayaa wuxuu ka mid noqonayaa weeraro xiriir ah oo maleshiyada al-Shabaab ay maalmihii la soo dhaafay ku qaadeen degmooyin ka tirsan gobolka. 

Haddaba, weerarka maanta ka dhacay Shalanbood iyo arrimaha gobolka ayaa Maxamed Cabdi Sandhere ka wareystay Guddoomiyaha gobolka Shabeelada Hoose Ibraahim Aadan Cali (Ibrahim Najax).

Dhageyso Al-shabaab iyo Shalanbood

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