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African Union welcomes election of Somalia’s new President

African Union Commission

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The African Union has praised the election of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo terming his election a product of a challenging process and compromise.

The AU special representative and head of the African Mission in Somalia Francisco Caetano Madeira also saluted the people of Somalia for the successful completion of the electoral process which culminated in the election of the new leader.

“The last couple of months, leading to this momentous day, have no doubt been challenging for Somalia in its effort to bring peace and stability. The electoral process journey was intricate, requiring negotiations and compromises to overcome the challenges that once appeared insurmountable. On behalf of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, I congratulate you all for making this historical moment a reality,” Ambassador Madeira stated.

Madeira also called on the new president to work with all leaders in uniting the country and ‘pursuing reconciliation to enable Somalia tackle the political and socio-economic challenges affecting the country’.

“I appeal to the new government that will be formed, to use the next four years in office, to enhance reconciliation and unity. The African Union remains committed to supporting you in your efforts to stabilise the country,” Ambassador Madeira added.



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